Using Windows security vulnerabilities

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Using Windows security vulnerabilities for worm attack - Win32/Conficker

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Using Windows security vulnerabilities for worm attack - Win32/Conficker

ESET recommends that customers keep their virus database up-to-date and immediately apply the Microsoft update MS08-067.

Win32/Conficker details
Win32/Conficker is the first worm to use Windows security vulnerabilities to launch a serious attack (MS08 - 067).It will, making use of the Server security vulnerability, remotely execute the code.Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 systems are the majorly affected systems.Worms on the network will target not up-to-date Windows systems and attempt to crack the login password.There is a very good chance for a large-scale rapid outbreak if the server uses a simple password or remains not up-to-date.


Win32/Conficker worms on more details, please refer to:

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