How to renew ESET NOD32

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How to renew ESET NOD32

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ESET NOD32續期版(橙色更新包)ESET NOD32續期版(橙色更新包)

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ESET NOD32 will pop up Expiry Hint message about 2 weeks before the ESET NOD32 license expired.
If you are using ESET NOD32 Standard Pack(One, two or three years license), please refer to the following for renewal of license:

  1. Buy ESET NOD32 Renewal Pack(Orange Package) from reseller(There are one, two or three years renewal license):
    Point of Purchase:
    Type of licenses:
  2. Please visit our official website and register the license according to the instructions:
    Renew Register :

    Please prepare the following before registration :
    I. Product Serial Number
    II. ESET NOD32 User Name(Old Format: AV-XXXXXXX;New Format: EAV-XXXXXXXX)

    III. Renewal Serial Number
    ESET NOD32 續期註冊

  4. After registration, you will receive the new username and password through the email, please open 「 ESET NOD32 Control Center 」 -> 「 Update 」 -> 「 Setup 」 -> Input the new username and password and complete the renewal process 。
    ESET NOD32控制中心





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