ESET NOD32 Renewal Steps

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ESET NOD32 Renewal Steps

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ESET NOD32 Renewal Steps

Thank you for purchasing ESET NOD32 !!!

Registration Steps:
1. 1. Please go to website, and you will see the above page.
2. Please enter necessary information. For “Renewal Serial Number”, please refer to the email that we sent you or the card inside your renew package (Fig1). For “Product Serial Number”, please refer to the card inside your original ESET NOD32 box set (Fig. 2).

(1) If you lost the product serial in first year, Please send us a e-mail to within your username (AV-xxxxxxx), register name and register email so that we can look up your record.
(2) If your product is purchased from other place, please send us the renew serial number to our e-mail box or phone us.

*** Note: You can only register once. This key will be valid for one year after register.


Fig 2

3. After entering your information, press “Submit” button. The system will send the “User Name” and “Password” to your E-mail account within 15 minutes.(If you have not received the mail in one hour, please give us a call as soon as possible.)
4. After you received the Email, please open ESET NOD32 Control Center -> Update -> Update -> Setup, enter the new username and password you received (Fig. 3), then click OK and it is done.






ESET NOD32®防毒軟件獲獎技術,始終位於數字安全行業的最前沿。軟件每日更新,保護用戶數據安全。


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