ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint Server

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ESET NOD32® Antivirus Home Edition

ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint Server

ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint Server




Version 7.3.15001.0

  • Added: Workaround for wrong OOBE state reported by OS
  • Fixed: SharePoint database scan log disappears from the list in the Scan page

Version 7.2.15002.0

  • Fixed: On-demand database scan can stop on FileNotFoundException
  • Fixed: Black screen on Windows Server build 14393
  • Fixed: Isolated problem with network connections that utilize Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) encapsulation

Version 7.2.15001.0

  • Added: Aggressive detections
  • Added: "Repeat last scan" option
  • Improved: The expiration date for MSP license doesn't show in EMSC
  • Fixed: Defender will not be disabled when Real-time protection is not installed
  • Fixed: Various other bugs fixed

Version 7.1.15005.0

  • Improved: Defender will not be disabled when real-time protection is not installed
  • Fixed: Number of smaller bugs

Version 7.1.15003.0

  • Changed: Removed support for MS Windows Server 2003.
  • Fixed: Rule type "File name matches regular expression" does not work.
  • Fixed: Rule type "Modified by user" does not work with on-demand database scan.
  • Fixed: Unclear information for disabled protocol content filtering shown in eShell.
  • Fixed: Internal handling of user-interrupted scan that causes error entries in the scan-log.

Version 7.0.15010.0

  • Fixed: "Skip other rules for web interface files" unavailable
  • Fixed: Activation window appears for users upgrading from version 4
  • Fixed: On-demand database scan unavailable

Version 7.0.15009.0

  • Improved: Faster On-Demand scan
  • Fixed: Unknown exception types cause interruption of scan when opening file
  • Fixed: Issues with ghosted files scans
  • Fixed: Customization sub-menu item is missing from User Interface tab

Version 7.0.15008.0

  • Changed: End of support for Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  • Added: Performance counters
  • Added: Database direct access mode
  • Added: True 64-bit product core
  • Added: Script tracing for PowerShell (AMSI)
  • Added: Native ESET Enterprise Inspector support
  • Improved: Licensing upgrades to allow subscriptions
  • Added: ESET Remote Monitoring & Management support
  • Added: Date/Time-based scheduling for Device control
  • Added: System-wide object exclusions based on hash checksum
  • Improved: Optional fast track for updates with smaller modules/definitions (picoUpdates)




ESET NOD32®防毒軟件獲獎技術,始終位於數字安全行業的最前沿。軟件每日更新,保護用戶數據安全。


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