ESET Secure Authentication

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ESET NOD32® Antivirus Home Edition

ESET Secure Authentication

ESET Secure Authentication





  • Added: Whitelist IP per feature
  • Added: Switch off Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Web Console
  • Improved: Load time for users in the Web Console
  • Fixed: Imported hard tokens with missing expiration dates cause network request failure
  • Fixed: Different keyboard layouts cause issues with YubiKey
  • Fixed: Users with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) unable to mount SharePoint folders (map network drive)
  • Fixed: Various bugs and improvements


  • Added: Support for stand-alone deployment mode and ability to install the ESA server without a need to have Active Directory Domain in place
  • Added: New web console for central management
  • Added: Support for users other than domain users
  • Added: New options to add additional users (for example, manual import, automatic sync, etc.)
  • Added: Support for multiple domains
  • Added: Reworked API to include new capabilities
  • Added: Ability to have multiple users with the same mobile number (or one mobile app) in one domain
  • Added: Ability to remove accounts (or tokens) directly from the mobile app UI
  • Added: Push Authentication for Windows 10 mobile
  • Added: Ability to change server port during setup
  • Added: Support for encrypted PSKC file format
  • Changed: Reworked and redesigned mobile enrollment
  • Changed: UI unification and redesign across major mobile apps
  • Changed: Adjustments for GDPR compliance
  • Improved: Faster offline mode detection
  • Fixed: Inability to download MS Office document with SharePoint integration

Version (as compared to version

  • Added: Push Authentication for iOS
  • Added: Push Authentication for iOS with Apple Watch support
  • Added: Ability to manually add custom company logo into IIS filters (e.g. OWA)
  • Added: Ability to generate alternative codes (Master recovery key) for all integration options
  • Added: Ability to check for newest version of the application from MMC console with option to download newest installer
  • Added: Support for proxy server
  • Added: Ability to set RADIUS port during installation
  • Added: Uninstaller able to remove all program and user data including product configuration
  • Added: Ability to manually remove old clients from the MMC console
  • Added: Automatic removal of uninstalled clients from MMC console
  • Added: Ability to copy provisioning link
  • Added: iOS 10 support
  • Added: Ability to create applicaiton shortcut after installation
  • Added: New languages in iOS app: Dutch, Italian, Czech, Turkish, Polish, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional
  • Added: New languages in Windows phone app: English, German, Hungarian, French, Russian, Spanish, Slovak, Dutch, Italian, Czech, Turkish, Polish, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional
  • Added: Windows Server 2016 support including ADFS, Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access
  • Added: Windows Server 2016 Essentials including ADFS, Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access, Microsoft Remote Web Access
  • Added: Support for Sharepoint 2016
  • Added: Suppor for Microsoft Exchange 2016
  • Added: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016
  • Added: Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013
  • Added: Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010
  • Added: Windows 10 Anniversary (Redstone 1) support
  • Added: Support for additional RADIUS Attributes (Filter-Id)
  • Added: End User License Agreement for iOS
  • Improvement: Domain Administrator account is asked only if neccessary by installation of RADIUS, RDP, Windows login and MMC
  • Improvement: Notify administrator if restrictive policy is set
  • Improvement: Checking needed prerequisites more robust
  • Improvement: Minor updates to Windows phone app
  • Improvement: Various UI improvements in the iOS app
  • Updated: Minimum supported version for iOS is now 6 (currently provisioned apps installed on devices running lower versions will remain functional but will not be eligible for latest update)
  • Updated: Copyright & Company name in all applications (Google Play, iOS and Windows)
  • Fixed: RDP whitelisting limitation
  • Fixed: OWA timeout issue
  • Fixed: RDP OTP dialog timeout
  • Fixed: Language unification in installer
  • Fixed: Some Vasco Digipass hard token import issues
  • Fixed: Various bug fixes and internal improvements in all applications (Google Play, iOS and Windows)

Version (as compared to

  • Fixed: 2FA protection of RDP can be bypassed without entering the second factor. Affects ESA RDP component V2.5.22.0

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