ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server

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ESET NOD32® Antivirus Home Edition

ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server

ESET File Security 7 for Microsoft Windows Server






Version 7.3.12005.0

  • Fixed: Real-time file-system protection workaround for incorrect Out of Box Experience (OOBE) state reported by operating system
  • Fixed: Minor functionality issues with time limits in eShell

Version: 7.3.12002.0

  • Added: Internal technology improvements
  • Added: Compatibility with future Windows Server operating systems
  • Added: eShell option to pause computer and hyper-v scan for user defined period
  • Fixed: Various eShell fixes and improvements
  • Fixed: When the main product view shows "functional" and under Setup/Computer RTP shows "non-functional" (under specific conditions)
  • Fixed: Various localization and functional bugs

Version 7.2.12004.2

  • Added: Local machine learning module for aggressive detection.
  • Added: Unified exclusions.
  • Added: Network isolation override.
  • Added: Azure File Sync compatibility.
  • Fixed: Potential conflicts with backup software at file-level when real-time file-system protection is enabled.
  • Fixed: System event log entries indicating there is a problem with Microsoft Windows Failover Clustering Client, as a result of discovery activities in automatic exclusion routines.
  • Fixed: Black screen on Windows Server build 14393
  • Fixed: Isolated problem with network connections that utilize Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) encapsulation

Version 7.1.12010.0

  • Fixed: Product activation using administrative account via eShell
  • Fixed: Scheduled product module updates might stop executing after product upgrade between version 6 and 7
  • Fixed: Obsolete registry entries of network attack protection module can block product upgrade process
  • Fixed: Under certain circumstances eShell can crash on servers without GUI (Server Core)

Version 7.1.12008.0

  • Fixed: Unregistering OneDrive Scan does not work properly
  • Fixed: An unlikely occurrence of an incorrect state in real-time scanning module might result in stop error (BSOD)
  • Fixed: Real-time scanning module configured to disable internal caching can cause visible file scanning delays due to repeated scanning

Version 7.1.12006.0

  • Added: OneDrive scan can be scheduled remotely from ESMC
  • Changed: Removed support for Windows Server 2003
  • Improved: Various eShell commands and functions
  • Fixed: Repeatability of OneDrive and Hyper-V scan launched from main UI
  • Fixed: Process exclusion can be also defined from within the list of running processes

Version 7.0.12018.0

  • Fixed: Protocol filtering advanced logging is active in product after feature is disabled during advanced installation
  • Fixed: Kernel memory leaks during diagnostic log creation
  • Fixed: RDP users missing "Reputation" value, "Number of users" value and "Running processes" application icon

Version 7.0.12016.0

  • Fixed: Modules folder gradually consumes disk space
  • Fixed: Activation requested after upgrade from EFSW version 4.5
  • Fixed: Minor functional bugs

Version 7.0.12014.0

  • Changed: End of support for Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  • Added: True 64-bit product core
  • Added: Ransomware shield
  • Added: Script tracing for PowerShell (AMSI)
  • Added: Scanning of Microsoft Office 365 - OneDrive storage
  • Added: ESET Dynamic Threat Defense support
  • Added: Native ESET Enterprise Inspector support
  • Improved: Licensing upgrades to allow subscriptions
  • Added: ESET Remote Monitoring & Management support (eRMM)
  • Added: Date/Time-based scheduling for Device control
  • Added: System-wide object exclusions based on hash checksum
  • Improved: Optional fast track for updates with smaller modules/definitions (picoUpdates)




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