ESET Wins Best Usability Award From AV-TEST

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ESET Wins Best Usability Award From AV-TEST

ESET Wins "Best Usability" Award From AV-TEST
ESET Wins Best Usability Award From AV-TEST
ESET Wins “Best Usability” Award From AV-TEST

ESET announces it has won a “2011 Best Usability” award from the AV-TEST Institute, a leading international and independent service provider in the fields of IT security and antivirus research. ESET Smart Security 5 was awarded “Best Usability” for its low false positives and low impact on system performance.

The AV-TEST awards honor effective antivirus products offering performance that contributes to establishing current standards in the field of IT security and makes a significant contribution toward prevention in the field of data communication.  Specifically, the AV-TEST award for “Best Usability” is given to security software that has the lowest impact on the system. Products were tested for an average slowdown of the computer in daily use, amount of false positives, false warnings and false blockings of certain actions during download, installation and use of legitimate software.

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End of support for ESET NOD32 Antivirus 2.7

Beginning on February 1, 2012, ESET will no longer provide technical support for ESET NOD32 Antivirus 2.7. ESET kindly recommends that customers take advantage of the free upgrade to the version 5 to ensure the best protection.

For more information, please visit:   

Version 2 Limited Sales Hotline: (852) 2893 8860
Technical Support: (852) 2893 8186
(Public Holidays Included)




ESET NOD32®防毒軟件獲獎技術,始終位於數字安全行業的最前沿。軟件每日更新,保護用戶數據安全。


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