ESET 郵件伺服器 Linux/BSD/Solaris 版

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ESET NOD32® Antivirus Home Edition

ESET 郵件伺服器 Linux/BSD/Solaris 版

ESET Mail Security for Linux/BSD/Solaris







  • Fixed: Excessive growth eventlog.dat caused by irrelevant entries
  • Fixed: esets_daemon sometimes consumes 100% of CPU during email scan


  • Fixed: An XSS vulnerability in the WebGUI that allows a potential attacker to hijack a previously established admin session and perform an operation on the web interface without authorization
  • Fixed: Vulnerability that allows a potential attacker to delete any file using malware or a special script including symlink functionality
  • Fixed: Unexpected error occurs after attempting to download a file from quarantine


  • Fixed: Excluded paths are scanned by On-Demand scan started from ESET Remote Administrator or GUI
  • Fixed: Link for Mail Security in GUI Help section directs to ESET Mobile Security


  • Improved: Scanning capability for PAC on-access scans
  • Fixed: SMTP agent could not connect to socket after daemon restart
  • Fixed: Scanning exclusions would not be applied in certain circumstances
  • Fixed: Update status not properly displayed in ESET Remote Administrator
  • Fixed: In certain circumstances ESET smfi agent did not delete malware but displayed threats as deleted
  • Fixed: Web interface could not be open with libssl 1.1

Version (compared to released on October 27, 2016)

  • Updated: PHP version updated to 5.6.30
  • Fixed: Updating license does not refresh properly in ESET Remote Administrator
  • Fixed: Server with CentOS 7 and ESET File Security for Linux freeze in some cases
  • Fixed: PAC scanner on chrooted sftp server does not work properly
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes


  • Added: Full compatibility with ESET Remote Administrator 6
  • Added: Online Help available on (Business tab)
  • Changed: New ESET Antispam Engine and corresponding settings
  • Changed: Removed support for Sun Solaris 10 and NetBSD 4
  • Improved: ESET Gateway Security is able to recognize "X-Forwarded-For" HTTP header when used by another proxy
  • Improved: Updated manual pages and product documentation
  • Fixed: Problem scanning archives and large files with on-access protection
  • Fixed: Problem running multiple, simultaneous update processes
  • Fixed: Configuration changes made in esets.cfg cannot be changed using web management interface (WWWi)
  • Fixed: Problem with "virus_log" being sent to ESET Remote Administrator multiple times
  • Fixed: Other minor fixes and optimizations




ESET NOD32®防毒軟件獲獎技術,始終位於數字安全行業的最前沿。軟件每日更新,保護用戶數據安全。


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